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About Us--Messianic House Of Prayer

Messianic House Of Prayer has been ordained by  Yahweh our Heavenly Father as a Family Ministry. He has called our entire family into the ministry. This ministry was founded in Pittsburgh PA, by our late Father, Prophet Elder BinahYah (aka Dr Stanley E Lowe) in April 2004. 

Our Heavenly Father spoke to the late Prophet, Elder BinahYah (in the year 2000) regarding Pittsburgh, PA saying: "I've looked to and fro throughout the earth, looking for someone to stand in the gap for Pittsburgh and found no one..." My father responded "send me, I'll go" and that's how it all started in Pittsburgh. Our late father under the direction of Yahweh stood in the gap for Pittsburgh, 

so that it would NOT be destroyed. "All evil (in Pittsburgh) will be crushed"  (as revealed by Yahweh separately to our ABBA, Prophet Elder BinahYah and  Prophetess Rakhel Baht BinahYah), and this city is destined to be "The City of Light, "A Mini Jerusalem" and "The Number One City in the USA".

So our Father spent the next ten years standing in the gap for Pittsburgh--walking up  and down, to and fro, day and night, interceding with prayers, fortifying its borders with a spiritual hedge, fasting, engaging in spiritual warfare, prophesying over and speaking life into the city.

As he was doing this many people would come to him for help, prayer and healing. Many supernatural healings took place and even creative miracles. Then there were some who approached him, wanting him to conduct regular services for their spiritual food and instruction. Out of this need, Messianic House of Prayer was born. This ministry was designed to help and train Pastors, Church and Spiritual Leaders of all denominations--Christian and Hebrew. We are Hebrew and we as the children have been keeping the Biblical Feast Days, Sabbath and dietary laws, along with our parents, since infancy. Our Heavenly Father has been supernaturally restoring the knowledge of our true Hebrew heritage. We now know that we are direct descendants of Ephraim son of Yosef son of Yaacob later named Yisrael. 

We have been groomed by Yahshua Messiah to represent the "One New Man" as a Hebrew and Christian. However, Yahshua has also told us that Yahweh will dismantle titles. Yahshua says: "As my bride becomes more like me, they will simply say 'I belong to the King of Kings--The Holy One'. I will give My Bride a new name."

In our mission we are not teaching everyone to be Hebrews, but teaching people how to live holy lives and preparing them for Yahweh's Kingdom. Yahweh has given us balance in our approach to living. Yahshua said to us: "No one will be missing anything of value by following your teachings, whether they be Hebrew or Christian. But they will learn the truth and balance of My ways--staying in Me and learning how to cling to and worship Me, in Spirit and in Truth." 

Our family has been trained in and involved in ministry for over 40 years. Our late parents taught and trained us as children and then as adults Yahweh, Yahshua and Ruach Ha Khodesh (The Holy Spirit) took over where our parents left off.

All of us (Ahveekhy, Rakhel and Khava) have had our own encounters (separately and collectively) with Yahweh, Yahshua Ha Masheak and Ruach Ha Khodesh. We have been given our Ministerial directives separately and collectively. Messianic House of Prayer has been annointed to Bring: Joy, Provisions, Deliverance, Healing and Hope to the nations.

Messianic House Of Prayer

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