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How To Achieve Inner Peace In The Midst Of Turmoil

     Happiness, inner peace and joy are all the things that make our life worth living. All of us have gone through some sort of difficult situation in our lives and many now are experiencing sorrows that they have never experienced before.  Nowadays, very few seem to benefit from what good things life has to offer. What can you do to ensure that you don’t spiral downward into a life of hopelessness in a system that has little or no hope of recovery?  Your insurance will not give you the assurance you need. Your money cannot buy you inner peace.  Applying the guru’s methods of yoga, self-talk, chants, meditations etc., will not solve the problem. In some cases these things will bring even more troubles into your life. You want a permanent solution that works!

     Even in the face of terror on every side, financial disaster, or even the loss of a loved one you can be victorious. I did not say you would not feel the normal emotions during these hard times, but your ability to move past these things with confidence and without losing hope is what most people want. Let’s look at one example.  

     There was once a Young man in the ancient land of the Chaldeans who was honored by a previous king, named Belshazzar, for his interpretation of a strange vision that the King had. This young man, known as Belteshazzar, was a favored Prince over the province.  The new King, Darius, wanted to make Belteshazzar the number one President over the whole region and even over his other two   Presidents and 116 Princes. He was well favored by King because an excellent spirit was in him. Well, as jealousy would have it, the other presidents got wind of this decision and conspired together with the Princes to find a fault in Belteshazzar, but to no avail. The only thing they could find was that he prayed three times a day to his God.   They got together and contrived a royal statute that they could present before the king to approve of and make into a firm decree.  The King thought it a good statute and singed it into law that could not be changed! The decree reads as follows:

     “Whosoever shall ask a petition of any God or man for thirty days, except of you, O King, he shall be cast into the den of lions.”

     To a young man who lived a life of prayer three times a day, this would have a disasterous effect upon his life. He knew how he could have inner peace in the midst of this disaster. As was customary, he went into his chamber, and with the windows open and facing towards Jerusalem, he kneeled down on his knees and prayed the same three times a day. Of, course as the story goes the Presidents were watching him to trip him up and reported what they saw to the King. They charged him with ignoring the decree of the King and the King knew he had to stick to his decree. When he heard that it was Belteshazzar who prayed, the King was very displeased with himself and sought to deliver Daniel from the consequences about to ensue, even up till the sun went down, but could not find a way.

    King Darius commanded and they brought Belteshazzar and threw him into the den of hungry lions. The King shouted to Belteshazzar and said, “Your God whom you serve continually, he will deliver you!”  He had a huge stone to cover the opening of this den and sealed it with his own signet and the signet of his lords.  He could not eat nor sleep all night worrying about Belteshazzar. He had no inner peace. What was happening to Belteshazzar? Did he panic in the midst turmoil? To read what happens next click here

Contributing Author: Rachel Baht BinahYah

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